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Is your driver missing today?

We have been successful in earning the trust of our customers for last 10 years by providing driver hire for today amd tomorrow in Gurugram and Delhi.

We provide drivers for both individuals and companies, on a daily and monthly basis, at reasonable rates.

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why need you to our service?

Driver is an important member of your family, after choosing whom we can try to avoid any untoward incident. We can help you choose a driver:-
1. We check the driver's health from time to time.
2. After checking the oil and fuel of the car, our drivers check the brakes etc.
3. We train the driver from time to time to follow the traffic rules like stopping at red light, wearing seat belt, slowing down the vehicle on breaker, not picking up mobile in moving car, not crossing the road line etc.
4. The driver is also given thorough information about the guide boards installed on the roadside. 5. We check the driving certificate, experience and police verification of the driver.

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Our Services

Daily basis

Driver are provide on a daily basis on one call in all areas Gurgaon & Delhi city. Receive booking ID number in fifteen minutes after calling.

Monthly basis

The hired driver for the month is provided on a contract basis. chauffeur are available.

Car Dropping

If you want to dropping your Car and your family to any city in India then we provide service at reasonable rates.

Outstation Drives

Bharat drivers are moving forward with the aim of offering Driver for local & hill station to our clients especially for your cars.

Best for You

Drivers for outstation

Driver for Outstation

You should be aware of this if you are willing to take that risk, especially when you are driving on a highway where you have no driving experience.
Our first objective is to make travel safe for you and your family. Since outbound travel is a rare task, our drivers retain 80% of the information for outbound travel.

Chauffeur services

Chauffeur Services

Safe chauffeur service means following traffic rules, helping senior citizens and female customers in every way possible.

If you are flying in a plane you can hire a driver from New Delhi airport, our service is available 24 hours.

cars with driver

Car with driver

We are interested in providing drivers as well as car driving, your happiness and satisfaction is our pursuit.
We are committed to making your journey a pleasant one and brought to our exacting standards. This service is available for any city in India.

Area Services


If you are traveling to India from other countries then you can take our driver on call from Delhi airport.

Railway and Metro stations

If you are traveling by train then you can take our service from any railway and metro station in Delhi NCR.

Hotel and Restaurants

You can avail our driver service irrespective of the hotel or restaurant you are staying in Delhi NCR

Schools and Universities

If your child needs to be picked up or dropped off from school, you can use our driver service.