Terms & Conditions

Please do not insist and/or encourage the driver for over speeding, jumping traffic signals, driving in wrong lane/side, overtaking, off roading race/competition etc.
We strictly recommend not to leave any cash, valuables, precious items like laptops, mobiles, wallets, handbags, luggage etc in the vehicle and/or in possession of the drivers.
Bharat Driver Service or any driver engaged through it will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage.
Please insist the driver to display the company ID card every time the driver reports for your booking. In case you have any suspicion or doubt you should always call the Bharat Driver Service call center number to report and/or clarify.
We accept payments in cash and online payments should be made by the customer directly to the driver or bharat driver service at the end of the booking.
Bharat Driver Service or its management and its driver do not hold any responsibility for loss and /or damage of your vehicle and/or your and the occupants life including theft, sabotage, kidnapping etc.
You should engage Bharat Driver services only if your vehicle is covered under a comprehensive insurance through a credible motor vehicle insurer in India as Bharat Driver Service or its driver would not be a party, convict or witness to any legal proceedings held by any court of Law due to such incidents, loss or thefts.
Management is not responsible in case of any incidents if you hire a driver directly without office intimation.
Bharat Driver Service and its management including the driver hold the full right to accept or decline any booking at its discretion and judgement.
Please do not support, insist and/or encourage the driver to drive the vehicle under any influence of alcohol, drugs etc. as the responsibility of doing so is totally borne by you and not Bharat Driver Service and its driver.
Though Bharat Driver Service will make the best case effort to provide a driver at requested booking time, the driver is subject to availability.
For any grievance or complaints you can contact us at 9718504240 our call center or our support email address: [email protected] .