Tariffs Plan

Driver for Hire
Round trip

    Round Trip Service Charge Add-after-shift
    5 Hrs 499 INR Shift closed
    8 Hrs 699 INR 75 INR
    12 Hrs 899 INR 75 INR
    Night Charges INR 100/hours (10pm to 06am)

Outstation charges:150 INR extra.

Driver for Hire
One-Way Trip

    Distance Meximum time Service Charge
    100 to 250km 6 Hrs INR 1499
    250 to 500 km 12 hrs INR 1999
    500 to 1000km 24 hrs INR 3999
    1000 to 1500km 36 hrs INR 5999

Driver's return fare for bus, train extra charges

Permanent Driver
On Contract

    Group A 8/5 Group B 10/6 Group C 12/7
    13,500/Month 17,000/Month 20,500/Month
    2,500/year 4,900/Year 5,900/Year
    (INR 70/hrs)
    (INR 70/hrs)
    (INR 70/hrs)

Car with driver
On Hire

    Car Name Time/KM Price
    Swift Dzire Same day 3,000 INR
    Ertiga Same day 3,750 INR
    Innova Same day 4,000 INR
    Crysta Same day 4,250 INR

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